Talk In Chairs

Counselling Services and Alcohol Dependency

Talk in chairs - Mrs Susan Turbitt Mawby BA (HONS) Theology.

My approach to counselling has its roots in my mental health nursing background where I learned to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the issues each client had. When you 'talk in chairs' with me, together we will look at what is troubling you and assess the problem as you see it, then we can begin to work on it, and you wont be on your own.

As a staff nurse in a day facility, and visiting clients in their own homes, I came to truly understand what 'talking therapy' is all about, and how important it is to just 'be there'.

Three of the most demanding and valuable years of my career so far were spent as director of nursing at a private clinic which specialised in helping people who had stopped, or were trying to stop drinking alcohol. I found that I really like working with this client group. If this tells you anything about me, perhaps it is that I recognise the immense struggle involved in overcoming the condition of alcoholism, and the courage needed, and the complex issues that sobriety reveals.

Taking time out to pursue three years at Hull University to study for and achieve an honours degree in Theology helped to broaden my understanding of so many issues in our society, and, along the way, to gain insight and actual experience into the world of the university student, young, and in my case, not so young! My conclusion, being a student can be, often is, stressful!